Friday, September 16, 2011

Harry Potter Quotient Released on Android Market

What's you Harry Potter Quotient?

Find out by playing this adaptive quiz game. One game consists of 10 questions and the player will have 3 minutes to answer them. This smart quiz game changes the level of difficulty of questions based on the players' performance.

Just like IQ, HPQ is also evaluated for 200 i.e. the highest score a player can achieve in this game is 200.

You could upload your high scores on Facebook and challenge your friends to beat them.


1. There is not negative grading. So try to answer as many questions as possible with in the allocated time.

2. There is a time bonus. The faster you answer, higher your score will be.

3. Try to spend more time on the initial questions to get them right. That will ensure you get more harder questions which will fetch you more points.